Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thing 20. Social Networking on Facebook

After much prodding I am slowly entering the 21st century. Okay, I admit it, they had to drag me kicking and screaming!
Since I already have a cell phone and digital camera and actually know how to use them (I know, you had to sit down so you could handle the shock and not overload your heart with these amazing announcements of valor from a middle of the pack baby boomer),
DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........................
I am now officially on Facebook and honing my "friending" skills.
In anticipation of hordes of people stampeding toward my door (Wall) wanting to be my friend, the line forms to the right. Take a number.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thing 3. Set up an RSS

My iGoogle home page is much more efficient since I added some RSS feeds, in particular feeds to my 23 Things blog and LibraryThing. I set up the 23 Things RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed in November 2008 to remind me each day of my progress, and that I am not done yet. Keep plugging!
I just added an RSS feed today to LibraryThing. With the RSS feeds I am more likely to keep up on things, as I like visual reminders.

Thing 14.

At MLA I also attended the LibraryThing session. Since I am an avowed book addict and bookkeeper, it seemed like a good fit. Had a busy fall 2008 after MLA, so vowed to keep plugging through the 23 Things in 2009.
LibraryThing seemed like a good way to start the new year so I signed up and added my "first book" (only 500 plus to go). Since my choice of reading material is often somewhat esoteric, there were only three other LibraryThing users who owned the same book I did.
The title I am currently reading may be more of a challenge to add, as it is an older book without an ISBN that I found at the Mankato Public Library in their used book store during the 2007 MLA convention hosted there.

Thing 13. Online Productivity Tools/iGoogle

Went to MLA convention in Nov. 2008 and got inspired to continue on with 23 Things, in particular iGoogle to help manage my multi-tasking. I set up my iGoogle account in November. It was relatively easy to set up my iGoogle homepage; including importing my wild, bright watercolor header. I adding the gadget "Spanish word for day" to brush up on my Spanish. I can check the weather at a glance and my to-do list, and added other "make my life easier" gadgets, including the Google calendar that sends daily reminders to me via my e-mail.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing 2.

Just finished watching Stephen Abram talking about Library 2.0 (after my tech librarian helped me figure out that my headphones didn't like the front jack on my computer, but would rather hide out in the jack on the back of the computer).
I agree with what he says about experience-based learning. I need the hands-on experience to feel comfortable and competent doing something new. I also know I am sometimes reluctant to "try" new things I don't know anything about, and need to prodded (shoved actually).
Initially I thought, "When am I going to find time for 23 Things?" But like anything else, as Stephen said, if something is important to us, we will make the time. I began exercising seriously over a year ago and "make" the time by exercising early mornings (when I would have normally stayed in bed awake), or on my noon hour (by skipping those heavy lunches that left me sluggish in the afternoon). Now I am alert and refreshed and ready to take on those 23 Things.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thing 2. What is Library 2.0?

I just read John Blyberg's blog post and liked Sarah Houghton's comment in her definition of L2 " make the library a destination and not an afterthought." BUT--what do we keep, what do we change, and what new "things" do we need to be doing to make the library a destination for "all" ages?
WHAT do you want? What DO you want? What do YOU want? What do you WANT?
Tell me. I want to know.

Thing 2. What is Library 2.0?

Foiled again! Went to watch the Stephen Abram video. Nice picture, no sound, ...and I don't read lips. Time to talk to our technical services librarian so she can work her magic and bring audio to my listening ears.

Yahoo! Avatars